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Places of Interest

Its one of those somewhere-over-there places where they make FARMING into TOURISM

Bayawan Fishers Port

After an arduous time in the open sea the fishermen of Bayawan City docks at the fishers port, waiting to see their respective loved ones.

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    Brgy. Suba

City Boulevard

Considered as one of the longest boulevards in the Philippines which has a length of 3 kilometers and ongoing.

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    Coastal Road

Niludhan Falls

One of Bayawan City's Main Tourist Spots, The Niludhan Falls runs from Mabinay upto Brgy. Dawis and has an estimated 10km length.

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    Brgy. Dawis

Tiago Falls

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    Brgy. Narra

Mantausi Rock Formations

Located at the Sitio Mantausi, Brgy. Kalumboyan can you find towering rock formations that have accumulated over the years.

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    Sitio Mantausi, Brgy. Kalumboyan